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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

"Hardest of the Hard" Part 2
Buckaroo Banzai: Hardest of the Hard #2
Story: Mac Rauch
Pencils: Shawn Van Briesen
Inks: Mark Stegbauer
Covers: J. Anthony Kosar (A), Malcolm McClinton (B)


Team Banzai strikes Dr. Longfeller’s hidden laboratory.


Story Summary


Picking up from last issue, Reno is tossed into a holding pen of about a half-dozen humanimals to fight to the death. But Buckaroo, Tommy, and Pecos storm the room to save their comrade before he can be eaten by a human insect. Our heroes kill all the humanimals except one cat-woman who betrays Dr. Longfeller and helps them, during which, Longfeller is revealed to be merely an android.


Six months later, Lady G. seems to be human again, thanks to Buckaroo. And at the Institute's rehabilitation colony of Redemption, Arizona, the other cat-woman is on her way to recovering as well.




Didja Notice?


This issue refers to the partially animal-transformed humans as humanimals.


Notice that during the strike, Buckaroo is carrying what appear to be his two six-shooters, as described in the novelization of Across the 8th Dimension. But on page 8, we see that they appear to have been augmented to be able to shoot either bullets or some type of electric discharge at the flick of a switch! The guns carried by Perfect Tommy and Pecos also seem to have this capability.


On page 7, Perfect Tommy says, "Phasers on insane, to the max." This is a reference to the phaser weapons used by the Starfleet personnel of the Star Trek universe; often the leader of a Starfleet away team will instruct their team, "Phasers on stun."


On page 13, Pecos and Tommy seem to be quoting a line from some other source, but I have not been able to find another example of this quote in the real world. It is: "We are one warrior, who uses all weapons."


Also on page 13, Tommy says, "Remember the Alamo!" This is a reference to the Battle of the Alamo (February 23 – March 6, 1836) during the Texas Revolution against Mexico, in which the Texan defenders of the Alamo Mission fought a hopeless battle against the Mexican Army for 13 days. Although the battle was lost, Texans remembered the bravery of the defenders and used "Remember the Alamo" as a rallying cry from that time forward.


On page 13, panel 3, Tommy yells, "Bastardo!" This is Spanish for "Bastard!"


On page 15, panel 3, Dr. Longfeller erroneously refers to his bodyguard as Lady G.


Notice on page 26, in the town of Redemption where the Banzai Institute attempts to rehabilitate "the hardest of the hard", and where Dr. Longfeller's bodyguard has been remanded, she no longer has cat whiskers and her skin seems to be fur-free, suggesting that she is now undergoing the same re-humanization process that appears to have worked on Lady G. 


The town of Redemption, Arizona appears to be fictitious.


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